About Lakeview

Lakeview Primary.

Lakeview Full Service Primary is in Dhlamini, Soweto. This school has been operational for 14 years and services the children fromimage Kliptown, Chris Hani nd Slovo Park. Children walk in excess of 5 km each way and about 60% are orphaned and living with extended family.

As a full service school, the Principal, Mr Victor Bilankulu, advocates that children with minor learning disabilities be included in mainstream learning. To assist with this task, the school has a dedicated social worker and has teachers with Remedial Education expertise.

About Lakeview Primary

Why Lake View?

"A full service scxhool accommodates children with all challenges and learning difficulties must be on three levels which are primary, secondary and tertiary.

This means we have a school that caters for those children with mild challenges that can be controlled by means of using a way of remedial action."

- Victor Bilankulu, Principal, Lakeview Full Service Primary School Read more